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Kentucky Music
Hall of Fame

Post Office Box 85
2590 Richmond Road
Renfro Valley, Kentucky 40473


Call Toll Free:

Local:  606-256-1000
Fax:  606-256-2989


In the Museum you will see exhibits that range from artifacts centuries old to the memorabilia of today’s most well known artists. Some exhibits convey the excitement of a musical movement or event, while some take you to a place in time where life was more simple and reflective. Each tells its own story of how a culture lived, or maybe of just one individual who found their way from simple roots to world wide fame. 
Though the general theme of the Museum’s time line will remain the same, individual exhibits will change from time to time as more artifacts become available.

However, the “Collection Gallery” will provide the space for exhibits that will change more frequently. Here visitors will find a historical collection of a particular instrument; the stories of any number of musical genres or perhaps even a well publicized traveling exhibit. 

We will always strive to maintain exhibits that are not only reflective, educational and becoming to what they represent, but also new and entertaining for those guests who will return for future visits.

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